Goddammit….I’m blogging.

Well the moment is here.  I’ve finally made a personal website.  Yes, even after all the times I’ve decried personal websites as a compost heap of self-flattery and bad poetry.  Here it is.  I guess I’d figured that I’d already been posting in various forums and sharing them with friends, and ultimately isn’t that kind of the same thing as having a blog? 

The critical reader at this point might say, “No,” or “Of course not, because now you’re creating an entire site dedicated to your thoughts and ideas and directing people to it.”  Well, touché.  I guess as well as providing a central location to share thoughts and media, I’m making this site in order to make my Fall complete.   I suppose with my self-righteousness worn down, my girlfriend will finally have the ammunition she needs to get me at long last to create a decent Myspace page. 

The reality of the matter is that I have several friends who have been blogging quietly and respectably for some time now and my opinion of the whole deal has changed a bit as a result.  I promise I’ll do my best to make this as unpretentious as possible.



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