I Too, Love the Tentacle

I’m very happy to be writing this post instead of the angry, “You can only take my money for so long before you take it all, and I say enough!,” post that I was expecting to write.

When I saw Bender’s Big Score after 5 years of terrible separation I was disturbed to find that while it had come back to me, it had been changed by the years.  The clever, creative jokes had been replaced with weak lobotomized ones.  Futurama had been placed in the Indian burial ground and what returned wasn’t what I really wanted back.  Perhaps that’s too harsh, but the series was cancelled in its prime and Bender’s Big Score seemed a huge step down from the quality I expect from the writers of Futurama.

Therefore, I didn’t have high expectations for the latest installment, but out of loyalty to the series I watched it last night and it rekindled my hopes.  The plot is engaging, the situations are creative, it gave me some good laughs and it reminded me why I’ve missed this series so damn much.  While the movie wasn’t perfect, it was pretty damn good and I’d recommend it to any Futuramaphiles out there who have been longing for the return of this truly original show.

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