Confessions of a Reader

I only read 10 books.  Well that’s a lie.  I mainly read about 10 particular books/series.  I’ve been re-reading these books for so damn long, one would think I’d be completely sick of them by now.  Truth is, I’m hopelessly addicted to them and will probably continue to re-read these series for the rest of my life.  Once one is finished I find the one that I haven’t read in the longest or have been aching to read again.  I feel like they keep me flush in a supply of dark and bright worlds to inhabit. 

Since I just finished reading one of the ten, Midnight Blue, I figured that I’d start posting about these books or series after I re-read them in order to both praise them highly and let people know that I’m open to suggestions for new books or series to get started on.

Midnight Blue.  In my opinion, this is the definitive work in modern day vampire literature.  This trilogy contains three books: Sunglasses After Dark, In the Blood, and Paint It Black.  This series  was written in the late 80’s, early 90s and involves a vampire/vampire hunter Sonja Blue and her quest to hunt down and destroy her maker.  The world of Midnight Blue is a dark reflection of our own with a race of Pretenders(vampires, werewolves, ogres, etc.) that exist undetected amidst us, preying upon humanity.  As a warning to any prospective readers, this is a DARK book, utilizes some seriously brutal imagery and is not for everyone.  However, the story is grabbing, the descriptions vivid, and it recreates some of the traditional horror archetypes for a new age.  What first grabbed me about this book is how it opens, a poem from a vampire (Sonja Blue) from the Danger Ward of a mental hospital:

Big white moon.
White as milk moon.
You’re all I can see from my window, here in the dark. Your light falls silver and white across the walls of my cell. The night-tide surges strong in me. So strong I can feel the grip of their drugs loosen. They fancy themselves high priests. Their gods have names like Thorazine and Lithium and Shock Therapy. But their gods are new and weak and cannot hope to contain me much longer. For I am the handiwork of far more powerful, far more ancient deities. Very soon my blood will learn the secret of the inhibiting factors the white-coated shamans pump into my veins. And then things will be very different, my beautiful moon.

My big moon.
White as milk moon.
Red as blood moon

      THE DANGER WARD” -from the beginning of Sunglasses After Dark by Nancy A. Collins

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