Regarding the assumed offence of certain present parties:

I really need to start taking pictures.  I saw these guys with Susan last Wednesday, and it was a great show at a very unique venue.  While Does it Offend You, Yeah? doesn’t have a huge arsenal of music yet to make a long show, or give a decent encore, they have good stage presence and appear to be having a great time doing what they love onstage.  It’s contagious.

I find that I’m really only into about half of their music.  They seem to have two kinds of song, a sort of edgy raw energetic sound, and a kind of synthy pop sound.  While the latter isn’t really too objectionable, I can’t really find myself getting into it much.  The former sound though, I have a hard time getting out of my head.  While there’s an aggressive edge to some of it, they also manage to make it rather light-hearted and fun with the performance they give.  Anyway, kudos to them.  They managed to get the crowd jumping, moving, and shouting along in a place where you barely had enough room or air to do any of those things.

A word about the venue, Subterranean…..I kinda like it.  Maybe its a love/hate thing.  It’s located in Wicker Park, Chicago and the ambience is pretty fucking cool. It’s a small place, which puts you close to the band and the decor feels old-world.    There was a statue positioned on the wall above the stage,and a top floor that allows you to peer down to the stage on all sides.  The band actually gets on and off the stage via a small winding staircase that brings them upstairs to the backstage area.  I’ve heard this place has typically hosted a lot of hip hop acts over the years.

A downside to this place is that it can get packed real easily.  I couldn’t move without bumping into someone and it got seriously HOT.  The band played for about an hour and I was relieved to be able to get outside and cool off when they were done.  I might go see another show at Subterranean as it is definitely a unique venue and a cool experience.  I’ll definitely see Does it Offend You, Yeah? next time they come around and hopefully they’ll have some new material by then.

This isn’t a picture from the show, but it is a picture of the venue’s bottom floor area from some other show (a pretty unattended show from the picture).  I try to start taking my own pictures in the future.


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