My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult – Metro, Chicago

I find myself enjoying this band more and more.

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult occupies a unique space in music.  They are one of the forefathers of the Post-Industrial genre along with a few others like KMFDM and Ministry.  But uniquely among most industrial bands, their music brings to mind a seedy, slightly aggressive version of gothic funk or disco.  And it’s awesome.

TKK seems to love all things camp and have a blast doing what they do best.  They loop old go-go dancer videos and horror movie clips to serve as a backdrop for the show.  During the show, they manage to get the crowd dancing, grooving, and occasionally moshing for some of their heavier numbers.

While at the Metro, I ended up helping the crew film one of the opening acts, The Last Vegas.  Their sound is reminiscent of glam rock, but they had a really solid stage presence and made it work.  Anyway, the camera guy was delayed en route, and a guy I knew from high school approached me to cover until he got there.  My assigned duty, should I choose to accept it, was to make sure everyone stayed away from the camera and didn’t mess up the shot until help arrived.  Oh yeah, and I get a beer out of the deal, and a heavy flashlight to harass people with.  Alright, I’m in.  So I take the job of guarding the camera, and luckily don’t screw it up.  The camera guy shows up later and my girlfriend instantly recognizes him as an old childhood friend.  It’s small world after all.

TKK hit the stage around 11 PM, a little later than I expected but they put on a solid show and performed all the songs I wanted to hear.  I think they had a guest appearance by one of the old members of the band, although I didn’t quite recognize her.  I got sucked into the mosh pit once or twice, but it wasn’t too bad as Thrill Kill Kult typically doesn’t attract the kind of bruisers you might encounter at say, a Slayer show.  People were dancing in the pit during the less aggressive numbers when they weren’t slamming into each other which, in case you’re unfamiliar with mosh pits, is a little unusual.  Anyway, the crowd seemed to be energized and having a great time, which is pretty typical for a Thrill Kill Kult show.

After the show we headed down to Neo to meet up with someone from work.  While there, I also happened to randomly run into some people I knew from the suburbs.  It’s a small, small world.  TKK was supposed to have their afterparty there, but I never ran into them because we had to take off before 3 AM.  Oh well, maybe next time around.  If you have the chance, check them out next time they tour.  They’re a little perverted, a little dark, and a lot of fun.  Here’s a video of one of their newer and funkier songs, “TV Sista”, a live performance of “Cuz its Hot”, and this post wouldn’t be complete without a daisy chain for Satan.  Enjoy.

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