Bottling Vesuvius

Vesuvius Porter.  Even now it is conditioning in the bottles, getting ready for its glorious rebirth as a finished beer.  Friday night we completed our second foray into all-grain brewing.  We prepared the priming solution by mixing dried malt extract (approximately 1 cup) in 2 cups of water and then boiling it for 10 minutes.  We then allowed it to cool to room temperature and poured it into the bottom of the bucket that was to be contain the beer during its intermediary stage between the carboy and the bottles.  We then drained the beer from the carboy to the bucket, mixed the beer with the priming solution, and siphoned it into 19 waiting 22 oz bottles.  Susan made the labels which we put on and then put the beers in an out of the way, dark place.

Now all of our stuff is cleaned, and our second beer batch has been wrapped up and all the equipment is put away.  All that remains is to wait the 3 weeks to try a bottle.  I definitely have high hopes for this batch.  This time we adhered to the Reinheitsgebot by using the dried malt extract in place of corn sugar, so our only ingredients were malted barley, hops, water, and yeast.  I’m not sure if we’ll taste the difference too much, but it was fun to do as a matter of pride.  Final gravity was 1.012.  Right on the mark.  I look forward to enjoying this batch on Halloween.  Here are some pictures of the bottling

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