Temple of Suck

The Sisters of Mercy show at the House of Blues on Monday was a steaming pile of disappointment.  I like the band, they were goth-rock pioneers (loathe as they are to associate themselves with the word goth), and have made some pretty cool moody, brooding music.  But ultimately I think next time I’ll put on a cd in the comfort of my own home as it would be far more enjoyable than paying $35 a ticket to watch sea of dry ice bang out some cheap imitations of their original sound.  Seriously guys, lay off the fog machine.  Its not ambient, it looks like a cloud is eating you alive. 

 For those who aren’t familiar with the Sisters of Mercy, here’s a little backstory.  The Sisters of Mercy were formed around 1980 and came slightly after some of the other forerunners of the Goth rock/post-punk movement like Joy Division(more of a post-punk band), Bauhaus, Siouxie and the Banshees, and The Cure.  The Sisters of Mercy were more of a gothic rock staple than a forerunner, but they’ve made some great music and helped to give the genre an identity.

However, the lead singer Andrew Eldritch is apparently such an asshole to work with, the band has already rotated out 9 members or so, all leaving citing irreconcilable differences with Eldritch.  The new guitarists do not seem to be true to the sound of the band, and Eldritch is obviously so self conscious about his age that he needs to hide in an obscene amount of fog in order to perform a show.  For most of the songs with the exception of Mother Russia/Dominion I would have been better served to listen to at home.

So Andrew, until you deal with the fact that you’re losing your hair and lay off the fog machine, and until you beg some of the old members of Sisters of Mercy to rejoin you on tour, I think I’ll be skipping your next concert.

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