Andreas Kapsalis Trio

I really can’t say enough about these guys.  We went to see them again over at the Tonic Room in Chicago.  They are easily the best value in the city for a show.  We paid $5 at the door and got to enjoy about an hour and a half of mindblowing jazz/flamenco/instrumental guitar and percussion.

Andreas has a very unique style of playing, using a two handed tapping technique that he has honed to perfection.  The two percussionists Jaime and Darren are absolutely phenomenal.  Jaime has an excellent sense of rhythm and a style of drumming that is very organic and spectucular to watch.  Darren not only deftly handles a multitude of different percussion equipment (and occasionally a melodica), but with each one adds a unique flavor and atmosphere to the music, polishing the sound.  Andreas is a master of his instrument, coaxing amazing sounds out of his acoustic guitar in a way that VERY few guitarists can.  Having played the instrument in an amateur fashion for some years, seeing what he can do is awe inspiring.

My friend introduced me to this band and their music a few years back and I’ve tried to go see them as often as possible. Not only are they amazingly talented musicians, but they are also approachable and gracious performers.  During the break between sets and after the show they stay and hang out and talk with their fans.  Check out the following clips and I highly recommend seeing them live if possible.  The clips don’t compare with the actual experience and the music stays with you for days.  Their website is, and you can find more information there.  Support the arts and go see a show.

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