The Age of Romance

We found this pamphlet while cleaning out my Grandfather’s house.  Now I’m sure it was considered the cutting edge of dating and sexual education upon its release, but parts of this were just too damn funny for me to leave alone.  To be fair, it was published in 1933,  and tries to paint sex as a beautiful and wonderful thing when it occurs in the context of a marriage.  A hefty portion of it deals with mitigating the confusion of newly virgin newlyweds with the honeymoon (nothing graphic obviously) as well as instructing the youth on how to properly develop into decent chaps and nice girls, avoiding sex until marriage.  Anyway, I love some of the language they use and the helpful reminders to try to keep the young people of America from fucking in the streets.  Here are a few of my favorite passages:

The Age Of Romance

Regarding a girl who’s perhaps too amorous with the boys: “A girl during this time cannot afford to get the reputation of being “everybody’s sweetheart.”

Regarding a couple who perhaps might have taken things a bit too far before marriage: “In case such a couple, engaged for years, should split up, considerable damage may have been done, as other eligible young people may regard them as being a bit ‘shopworn'”

In training for a happy Home life

“Girls and boys are stimulated on every hand long before they can possibly expect to assume the normal and legitimate sexual status of the married couple.  Risque books, ‘sexy’ plays and moving pictures, ‘jazz’ music, immodest dances and the like call the attention of the young man or girl to the matter of sex.”

Paths to Unpopularity

“Those who are constantly chasing after the girls or the boys, as the case may be, are defeating their purpose.  Nothing is so disgusting as a girl who is ‘boy-crazy’.  Giggling and squealing, affected and designing, she is utterly despised by every decent chap, though she may be highly attractive to the fellow who thinks that one so silly might be easy prey to his improper intentions.  Likewise, a foppish man who is always following the girls stands little chance of winning their favor.  Women admire men’s men rather than squaw men.”

Avoid Excessively Stimulating Experiences

“The sheer clothing of the present time leaves little to the imagination and may cause strong passion to be developed, particularly when the young couple is alone.  Bathing suits on the other hand have little effect when used as bathing suits….Furthermore, it is impossible for sexual passion to be strongly aroused when the body is cool or wet….The modern bathing suits are marvelously suited for swimming, and in addition, probably serve a useful purpose in accustoming young people to the appearance of the body of members of the opposite sex and at a time when sexual stimulation is retarded and gratification is impossible.”

Good stuff.

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