The Art of the Business Haiku (Part 2)

Originally, I just kept appending new haikus I would find to my old post, but it was getting to be a fair amount, so I thought I’d create a new post and add them here.


Regarding the inconvenience of conference calls and the virtues of beer


                                Early morning calls

                                Can be so annoying but….

                                Cold beer flows freely.


                                Ah Glorious Beer.

                                Quenches my sobriety,

                                With sweet, sweet nectar.

Regarding indefinite project extensions and the personal distaste of cold weather


                                Dream on ,my spider

                                But your work here is not done.

                                More winters ahead


                                Spring is here my friend

                                Alas though, nothing has changed

                                Cold rain melts cold snow.

Regarding a sluggish NOC center employee and the preference of sandwiches over work:


                                Data Center Matt

                                His sandwich waits for no man.

                                Dust covers our queue

Regarding the sudden departure of Altron and the lamenting of his adoring flock:


                                The Altron is gone

                                Gone without explanation….

                                Dreary roads ahead

Regarding overzealous balloon artists, the consumption of beer, and a Duntonian scapegoat:


                                Proud Dunto Libre:

                                Enter your weissbier cocoon.

                                Balloonish rebirth!

Regarding the end of the Grilling season, and the subsequent weeping of Ben Alton


                                My burger grows cold

                                Ponder time spent with bratwurst

                                Leaves cover my grill

Regarding the dislike of fruit flies and of holding the opinion that they should perish outdoors as opposed to inside.


                                Eating, inside flies

                                Go die and do not come back

                                Outside not inside.

Regarding promises made of broken kneecaps in the event of a Sox loss:


Crisp wood meets kneecaps

The last hit of the season.

Snow covers my cast.


Regarding the consumption of cajun food by one party, and the bitter discontent of the other


I eat my gumbo

Seasoned with cajun spices,

And your girlish tears.

Regarding Altron opting for a free lunch over a paid one, and geeky weather conditions:


Altron cannot come

Bound in chains of a free lunch

Oh, happy prison!


Yeah right. Don’t believe.

Just wants to lunch with his friends

Altron is too cool.


You guys are big dorks.

Dorks, dorks, dorks, dorks, dorks, dorks, dorks,

Dorks falleth like rain.

Regarding, Ben’s sole Close support occurring on Day 3, his disdain for the other days of the Close, and why a co-worker may not share in his premature celebration on Day 4.


Five Days hath the Close.

Powerplant mocketh GL.

Work remains ahead.


1,2,4 and 5

The other days crowd around

The warmth that is 3.

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