MSI at House of Blues 3-20-09

God, I’m getting unimaginative with my post titles.  Truth be told, it gets hard to remember to sit down and try and write something every couple of weeks, so sometimes I just have to fake it until I make it in order to keep my writing muscles from atrophying away.  Anyways…

I very nearly didn’t make this show at all.  I’m a software engineer and a coworker and I recently rolled onto an engagement where we had to implement some important functionality before testing was to begin for the first release.  As a result I found myself working late nights and weekends until completion and when I finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel there to greet me was an MSI concert, helping a friend move the following morning, and a birthday party later that evening.  I managed to make it through the weekend, but barely, as I got ridiculously, “shave a year off your lifespan” drunk, on Saturday evening after I helped my friend move, and spent Sunday completely crashed the fuck out on the couch.

The MSI show was a damn good time.  Mindless Self Indulgence has more of a punk flavor than I’m typically attracted to in my industrial music, but my girlfriend, punk music being her first love, was a big fan and I’ve come to appreciate them as well.  Jimmy Urine is a dick, but hilarious nonetheless.  He strikes me as the kind of guy who likely is a dick offstage as well as on stage, but still I gotta say, he’s a great showman.  He knows how to pump up the crowd and doesn’t miss a beat.  MSI’s style was unique and powerful enough to grab my interest pretty quickly and their stage presence is phenomenal.  Jimmy Urine has no problem insulting the audience for laughs which he does frequently.  “All you people out there who were called freaks, or losers, or nerds, or fat, or ugly, or stupid….THEY WERE RIGHT!!”

All in all great show.  I didn’t fear for my life with the flexing of the floor the way I did at the Combichrist show, but the pit was surprisingly intense.  I got in there for a while and was whipped around and collided with some bigger dudes than I expected for an MSI show.  I managed to push someone out of their shoes, which he and I had a laugh about while we tried to find his shoes in the pit amidst the chaos.  I did overextend my thumb pretty bad colliding with someone or another, but despite the injury it could have been much worse.  I ended up elbowing someone in the ear when I was hit by someone and spun around, so I count my blessings.

Bottom line, if you get the opportunity, go see these guys.  They put on a good show, are pretty funny, and their shows have a ton of energy.

Here’s a video of “Shut Me Up”