Don’t Forget to Drink Your Dogfish Head

This is really a pointless post, but I felt like saying something about what is quickly becoming my favorite American brewery.  I’m sitting here on a Saturday night after working the weekend and decided to pick up a four pack of Dogfish Head’s Palo Santo Marron, probably my favorite brown ale.  I don’t really pick this beer up too often, since its a four pack and a little pricy, but goddamn is it worth it.  An extremely deep, complex brown ale that has notes reminding me of an Imperial Stout.  Excellent to sip on and extremely well crafted.  The mix of carbonation, mouthfeel and rich taste is perfect.

I had this beer for the first time at Hopleaf, which is probably one of my favorite bars in Chicago.  I’m surprised I hadn’t tried Palo Santo Marron sooner because Dogfish Head gained my respect a while back for putting out some of my all time favorite IPA’s.  I’ve sampled a fair share of IPA’s since then, but I end up coming back to the 60 min and 90 min Dogfish Head IPA’s as my mainstays.

I regret slightly that I missed out on the opportunity to try Popskull, the latest Three Floyd’s/Dogfish Head collaboration aired at this Dark Lord Day, but am still simply too pissed off about the whole golden ticket thing.  They both have similar qualities as breweries in that they cater more to the beer geek crowd and like to try new things with their beer.  I feel like Dogfish head is more experimental, sometimes to their detriment (I can’t stand their Midas Touch), but despite my perhaps misplaced anger at Three Floyds, I am glad that we do have breweries like these that work to make high quality, unique beer for us beer geeks out there.

The guy at the beer store talked me into buying a bottle of their Red and White, a beer mix with pinot noir concentrate at around 11% ABV, I’m a little skeptical, but he raved about it.  So we’ll see….