Farewell Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor, you owe me no more.

Last time I saw NIN was at Lollapalooza and I was honestly pretty disappointed in terms of the song selection and the performance.  However, they completely made up for it at their June 1st show in Chicago.  They played a “best of” set that included: Piggy, March of the Pigs, Wish, Mr. Self Destruct, Head Like a Hole, The Day the Whole World Went Away, Burn, The Hand That Feeds, and Hurt.  The energy was there, he nailed every song and the venue was perfect.

Charter One Pavillion was new for me.  It’s an large outdoor venue near soldier field.  It has a festival kind of atmosphere, with several food tents near the outskirts of the main stage area.  The floor has plenty of room for a large outdoor crowd.  The crowd seemed a little timid toward the start, and I could see only a few moshpits break out off in the distance.  Towards mid show however, pits started breaking out all over the place and Susan and I started heading towards them.

I slam around in one of the pits for a while with a few bruisers and then bounce out a little closer to the stage behind this twitching little asshole.  Susan and I stand our ground for a while just trying to watch the show, but this little fucker seems to be having a controlled seizure to the music.  Susan gets hit by his flailing elbow a couple of times and eventually decides she’s gonna stand behind me rather than be within arms reach of this little dickhead.  I keep my forearm braced in front of me to bounce this jerk off of me whenever he gets too close, and start getting distracted from the show.  Soon this other chick comes around us and gets accidentally slammed into by him.  She bitches at him to get his ass in the moshpit if he wants to fuck around.  I concur.  He tries to ignore her yelling at him and calms down for a minute.  Next song however finds him again in crazy flailing dance mode and so I grab him by the waist and throw him in the moshpit.  A couple of dudes collide with him before he makes a mad dash to break the ring and rejoin his friend.  Oh well, I suppose it was still worth it.

All in all, a great show.  I had a blast listening to all my NIN favorite songs and although I’ll miss em it was a fine note to go out on.  At least until the reunion tour….

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