In Praise of Bacchus (and Burlesque)

Scratch another must-see band off the list.  On Oct. 30, Susan and I went to go see Type O for the first time at the Metro.

Type O Negative is like an aphrodisiac to goth girls.  Actually, I find that a good deal of women in general dig Type O.  Their sound is deep and sensual, and Peter Steele’s bass voice is pretty hard to resist, so I guess its no big surprise.  The guys who listen to Type O are an interesting mix however.  You have your mix of old-school Batcavers for whom Type O is on the heavier end of what they like, and your mix of tough biker dudes for whom Type O is their easy listening music.  Most of the dudes I saw at the Metro fell into the latter category, and while I wouldn’t characterize Type O Negative’s music as that heavy, we still saw fights break out and a bouncer drag a big dude down the stairs against his will.

Thankfully, we showed up late enough to miss the opening acts, which we were told weren’t impressive.  Not too long after our arrival, Type O took the stage and got to it.  All in all, I’d say they put on a solid show, despite the crappy acoustics of the Metro.  They had a breeze blowing continuously through the stand-in keyboardist’s hair which looked ridiculous and was a little distracting, but other than that they looked great up there.  They played all the songs I needed to hear: Christian Woman, In Praise of Bacchus, Black No. 1, Love you to death.  Peter Steele was sober enough to perform the whole show without fucking anything up, although it did look like he went through a half bottle of vodka while performing.  That’s cool.  After the show, we met up with some people we knew and headed over to The Exit.

The Exit.  Unfortunately we don’t make it out there as much as I’d like, but it was nice to go again.  Since it was nearing Halloween, we saw a ton of people in costumes.  There was also a burlesque performance going on upstairs by Vaudezilla.  I guess Susan knew one of the girls from Facebook and so we went up to see the show.  The show was great.  Aside from it being normal girls doing some great dance routines, the outfits were cool, the themes were fun, and the music was hot.  Two routines in specific stuck with me.  There was one where the girl started off in a mad scientist costume and performed her act to the song Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.  The other was a fan dance to the song The Mission by Puscifer.  The fan number was probably the best of the evening, very fluid and elegant.  I’d never heard the song before, so I asked the DJ for the name.  Anyway, all the girls were great and we’ll probably be back to see them some other time. Check them out at

Here are some vids by Type O and the song The Mission by Puscifer.

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